EDMANS Research Group 

The EDMANS research group (Engineering Data Mining And Numerical Simulations) integrates engineers and scientists specialized in different engineering fields (design of machines, manufacturing process, structural analysis, environmental management, computer science, quality, statistics, automatization, modelling, etc.).

This group develops its activity mainly around research projects funded by European Commission and National Research Authorities where the goals are related to:

  • Optimization and modeling of industrial and environmental processes by means of Data Mining and Multivariante Statistics techniques. Usually, the target is to obtain hidden knowledge as models from historical records of those processes. Mainly the uses are the quality improvement of the products, reduction of faults and fostering the process control. Normally, first it is necessary to redesign the data gathering system as well as to spend some efforts by data pre-processing.
  • Advanced design coupled to numerical simulation of mechanical, CFD and thermal problems related to structural systems, machine components and environmental processes. Usually the target is to reduce cost and to improve the final quality of products.

A relevant research area is also to manage coupled both group of techniques (numerical simulation and artificial intelligence) in order to produce better global models for complex physical problems.

  • Solar energy modeling applied to solar irradiation analysis and solar thermal energy integration in conventional thermal power plants. Regarding solar irradiation research, it has been studied from parametric and satellite-derived models to soft-computing techniques as well as the mapping with geo-statistics. The solar thermal integration research line has been focused mainly in the integration of solar thermal energy in combined cycle gas turbines power plants.

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